Year 2018

CEO Saku Sipola

A special highlight of 2018 was the improvement in customer satisfaction in all measured areas.

What makes home a home?


We want to build thriving cities where people enjoy a high level of well-being. We provide our residents with homes that come with ever-improving services, and we develop housing, neighbourhoods and smooth daily life together with our residents.

Globalisation, digitalisation and sustainable development are changing cities and people, which is why housing must also change. We aim to transform housing and offer our customers more than just walls.

Actions and stories

OmaSATO – housing services in your pocket

The OmaSATO service allows practical housing matters to be taken care of anywhere, anytime. The digital service, created together with residents, already has thousands of users and is being continuously developed based on users’ needs. 

One-hour response time to health concerns

Healthy living conditions in the company’s rental apartments and the well-being of residents are top priorities for SATO. Antti Asteljoki, EVP in charge of the rental housing business, tells us how SATO takes care of housing health by responding rapidly. 

The resident is our priority also in maintenance matters

Our maintenance companies’ staff encounter SATO’s residents on a daily basis and make sure everything runs smoothly. For that reason, SATO works closely with its partners to ensure that maintenance is taken care of with an excellent service attitude. 

Durable and domestic bathroom materials

The new Kide line of cabinetry is made from the same compact laminate that is used for the lockers of swimming pool changing rooms – and they come with a 25-year guarantee. 
Living is about more than just walls

Customer first 2018

Facts About Us 2018

290.4 MEUR
198.5 MEUR
Net rental income
230.8 MEUR
Profit before taxes
Return on invested capital
Equity ratio
Fair value of investment properties
Economic occupancy rate
SATO homes

How we create value

We develop cities and renew residential areas

Actions and stories

On life’s terms

When SATO’s Jonna Röynä came up with the idea for a line of bathroom furniture that would withstand water and wear, Pekka Pusa from Kankarin Kaluste grabbed a pen in the backseat of a minivan. This was the birth of Kide. 

A place to leave from and a place to go home to

Anyone’s life can shatter in an instant, and with it their work, home and safety nets. SATO and the non-profit organisations No Fixed Abode and the Rehabilitation Foundation have teamed up in a project to help people who are down on their luck find both a home and a job – all the while listening closely to what the participants themselves have to say. The project is called #kämppäjaduuni, i.e. #homeandjob. 

Survey: What kind of housing services are Finns interested in?

In a survey of 1,000 people, SATO looked into what kind of housing services Finns use and what other services they would like to see. 

The feel of home is created by memories, the senses and people

SATO offers rental apartments that residents turn into homes. Our new marketing concept – “What makes a home a home?” – invites residents to think about what gives rise to that special feel of home.  

AI creates a pleasant indoor temperature

Thousands of SATOhomes have been equipped with sensors that can regulate the temperature of the building better than before based on the indoor temperature. New temperature and humidity sensors can recognise the heat emanating from the sun and take it into consideration in an apartment’s conditions, year-round. 

For the customer of the year, ‘We’ comes before ‘Me’

SATO’s Customer of the Year 2018 is Anne-Maarit Rytky from Helsinki. In her opinion, what makes a building home is that it is not just mine, but ours. 

On a day safari in Helsinki

At the end of August, SATO invited its residents to Korkeasaari zoo to spend an exciting day learning about new animals. On a tour of the Cat Valley, they found out why tigers cannot lose their stripes. 

Homes for all languages and cultures

Different living habits are par for the course in apartment buildings – and they can sometimes cause friction between neighbours. SATO trains its personnel in intercultural competence and offers equal service to all residents.